Enforcement Proceedings

E.T.I. Euro Telecom International N.V. v. Plurinational State of Bolivia, ICSID Case No. ARB/07/28
EDF International S.A., SAUR International S.A. and León Participaciones Argentinas S.A. v. Argentine Republic, ICSID Case No. ARB/03/23
Eiser Infrastructure Limited and Energía Solar Luxembourg S.à r.l. v. Kingdom of Spain, ICSID Case No. ARB/13/36
Elsamex, S.A. v. Republic of Honduras, ICSID Case No. ARB/09/4
Energoalians TOB v. Republic of Moldova, UNCITRAL
Enron Nigeria Power Holdings Ltd. v. Federal Republic of Nigeria et al, ICC Case No. 14417/EBS/VRO/AGF
Entes Industrial Plants Construction & Erection Contracting Co Inc v. Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Kyrgyz Republic
Everest Estate LLC et al. v. The Russian Federation, PCA Case No. 2015-36
Foresight Luxembourg Solar 1 S. Á.R1., et al. v. Kingdom of Spain, SCC Case No. 2015/150
Gabriel Resources Ltd. and Gabriel Resources (Jersey) v. Romania, ICSID Case No. ARB/15/31