Arbitration Rules

Werner Schneider, acting in his capacity as insolvency administrator of Walter Bau Ag (In Liquidation) v. Kingdom of Thailand, UNCITRAL (formerly Walter Bau AG (in liquidation) v. Kingdom of Thailand)
Stephane Benhamou v. Uruguay, UNCITRAL
Aaron C. Berkowitz, Brett E. Berkowitz and Trevor B. Berkowitz (formerly Spence International Investments and others) v. Republic of Costa Rica, ICSID Case No. UNCT/13/2  
BG Group Plc. v. The Republic of Argentina, UNCITRAL
Bilcon of Delaware et al v. Government of Canada, PCA Case No. 2009-04
Rupert Joseph Binder v. Czech Republic, UNCITRAL
Trinh Vinh Binh and Binh Chau Joint Stock Company​ v. Vietnam, UNCITRAL
Les Laboratoires Servier, S.A.A., Biofarma, S.A.S., Arts et Techniques du Progres S.A.S. v. Republic of Poland, UNCITRAL
Luigiterzo Bosca v. Lithuania, UNCITRAL
Farouk Bozbey v. Turkmenistan, UNCITRAL