Arbitration Rules

Power Rental Asset Co Two LLC (AssetCo), Power Rental Op Co Australia LLC (OpCo), APR Energy LLC v. the Government of Australia, UNCITRAL
ICL Europe Coöperatief U.A. v. Ethiopia, UNCITRAL
Consutel Group S.p.A. in liquidazione, v. Republic of Algeria, PCA
Surfeit Harvest Investment Holding Pte Ltd v. Republic of China (Taiwan), PCA
Vedanta Resources plc v. India, UNCITRAL (UK BIT claim)
GL Farms LLC and Carl Adams v. Government of Canada
William Jay Greiner and Malbaie River Outfitters Inc. v. Government of Canada
Contractual Obligation Productions, LLC, Charles Robert Underwood and Carl Paolino v. Government of Canada
Luxtona Limited v. The Russian Federation, UNCITRAL
Mohammad Reza Dayyani, et al. v. The Republic of Korea, PCA Case No. 2015-38