Respondent State

Ras al-Khaimah Investment Authority v. India, UNCITRAL, PCA
Dominion Minerals Corp. v. The Republic of Panama, ICSID  
Unisys Corporation v. Argentine Republic, ICSID Case No. ARB/03/27
Windoor v. Republic of Kazakhstan, ICSID
 Cortec Mining Kenya Limited, Cortec (Pty) Limited and Stirling Capital Limited v. Republic of Kenya, ICSID Case No. ARB/15/29
Alstom Power Italia SpA and Alstom SpA v. Republic of Mongolia, ICSID Case No. ARB/04/10
Peter De Sutter, Kristof De Sutter, DS 2 S.A. and Polo Garments Majunga S.A.R.L. v. Republic of Madagascar
France Telecom S.A. v. Argentine Republic, ICSID Case No. ARB/04/18
Enkev Beheer B.V. v. Republic of Poland, PCA Case No. 2013-01
Álvarez y Marín Corporación S.A. and others v. Republic of Panama, ICSID Case No. ARB/15/14